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How to Finish Unfinished Wood Furniture Naturally

    • 1). Pour linseed oil onto a clean cloth and rub it in the direction of the wood grain for even coverage. Boiled linseed permeates and nourishes the wood, but takes a considerable amount of time to dry--one full day. New wooden furniture will require several coats to achieve a shiny gloss finish.

    • 2). Apply pure linseed oil using the same method. It takes approximately three days to dry but provides better protection than boiled linseed oil. Buff the finish with a soft cloth once you are satisfied with the results.

    • 3). Finish the furniture with Danish oil for newer wood. Apply it with a soft cloth and allow it for the time indicated on the product label. Danish oil has a much faster drying time than linseed oil and provides a more resilient finish.

    • 4). Sand the first coat of Danish oil with a fine silicon-carbide paper once it has dried. Repeat the procedure for two to three more coats of the finish, but do not sand the top coat.

    • 5). Use tung oil as an ideal option for woods that are light in color. It also dries more quickly than linseed oil and offers longer protection. Apply it to a clean cloth or with a foam applicator brush, following the wood grain. Allow it to stand for at least one hour and apply one to two more coats for a durable finish.

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