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Promoting using Ezine Solo Ads

Ezine solo or standalone advertising is perhaps the most result-oriented advertising tool an internet marketer can spread to spring up his business. And except you are a marketing expert, with some ingenious ways to drive traffic to your site, you would be imprudent not to use ezine solo adverts to build your opt-in list. The benefits are too many and the drawbacks too minimal to dismiss it.

How ezine solo works

If you have a business organization, product, or service to boost then it is common sense to apply ezine solo. Solo means one, unaccompanied, single. Thus a solo ad is a standalone; it shares the page with no other adverts and is 100% guaranteed to be seen. The advertiser buys a slot from the publisher and his advert is placed and sent out to every single email on the newsletter's opt-in list. For the really big ezines this could be thousands of interested subscribers voluntarily ‘listening' as you make your sales pitch. You couldn't ask for a better chance as an affiliate marketer or online business proprietor.
Benefits of ezine solo ads

It is a relatively low-priced way to sell your way to the top. The average cost per thousand or CPM of a solo ad is less than $3. What this means is that for a monthly budget of $100 you can speak directly to millions of people of your choosing. Yes, that is what you do when you buy selected ezine solo adverts; you simply ‘borrow' the publishers' opt-in list and take your goods to them. There can't be many smarter ways to build your own list.

Ezine advertising is a targeted one; you get to choose your desired audience. You have ezines in various niches: sports, religion, IT, politics, etc. so it becomes easy to pick an ezine related to your niche. The possibility of the advert treated as spam is zero because it is sent directly to the inboxes of people who have agreed to receive the newsletter regularly. In some cases subscribers to the newsletter earn credit bonuses for actually reading the mail, another ingenious way to promise the mail is read.

Getting the best from ezine solo ads

You may have a tiptop advert strategy, that is wonderful, but your product and the sales pitch must match the strategy otherwise you may as well flush your money down the drain. In effect, your product and the sales strategy must be nice if you hope to lock-in the expected traffic from your ezine solo advert.

Your product or service must be effective and of good quality. Get a good related ezine, one with quality content, to subscribe to.

Get to know the publisher and let him/her know your advert plans. You need to be sure you are both on the same page before you purchase the solo advert slot. Your ad must be simple, short, and well laid out. It must be unambiguous and informative. Give compactinstructions and preferably direct traffic to your landing page where you can easily seizeemails. Track the impact; you can do that manually or by Ad Tracker. You want to be sure the advert is generating the needed buzz.

The smart move today to aid drive traffic to your website, blog, squeeze page, or opt-in list is to develop an excellent solo advert for any of the over one thousand ezines in diverse niches listed online. That is guaranteed to drive traffic your way, modify your opt-in list and leave behind your PayPal account bulging.     

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