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Even after a number of reforms and transparency in immigration processes, it is difficult to get a visa approved. The security is what concerns countries and therefore the rules and regulations are strict and anyone who needs to visit or immigrate to the country has to go through a number of processes. This is a time consuming, tedious and demanding procedure but worth it. After everything it keeps you safe and provide you a better life and career prospects. Canada and Australia are two of the most sought after locations by Indians for immigration. Canada PR consultants in Pune, Mumbai, Delhi and in other cities will be able to help you and guide. Several applicants from these cities want to live permanently in Canada or Australia. There are several ways to get permanent residency in Canada or Australia. In this post we will discuss some of the ways in which you can get Canada PR visa.

The first step towards Canadian Permanent Visa is confirming your eligibility. There are ways for reaching permanent residence visa. Some of these ways are direct while another begins with a temporary visa and then move towards permanent residency. Immigration consultancies provide free as well charged visa assessments. These assessment forms informs the applicant about their eligibility for any particular visa category they need to apply for. It requires certain details from you like

• Your Nationality

• Your Age

• Language proficiency

• About   Family members

• Academic background

• Your Work experience

• Your    Income and/or net worth

• Details about job offer (if any)

On the basis of answers provided by you in these forms your consultant / consultancy will offer you suggestions.  It is important that you provide true and accurate information so the assessment can be precise. As they say never hide the truth from your doctor and lawyer similarly they say do not hide it from your immigration consultant. One may apply under any of the mentioned categories as per your eligibility. The categories are Skilled workers and professionals, Skilled trades, Quebec selected skilled workers, Canadian Experience class, Investors, entrepreneurs and self employed people, Provincial Nominees, Sponsored family members, Live-in caregivers and Refugees.

When it comes to permanent residency Canada has the highest number of immigrants. It is unquestionably the first choice of many immigrants. Every year country welcomes 2,50,000 new permanent residents. As country offers good opportunities and lifestyle, there are many people who want to immigrate and this lead to people who want to gain advantage of such situations. Thus you must stay away from frauds.

There are many people who will try to lurk you in with false promises but you must not fall for it. No one can promise you confirm visa approval. Make sure that you hire a reputed and experienced immigration consultant for the purpose. There are many Canada PR Consultants In Pune and in other cities of India. Make certain that your money gets invested in the right direction and you get the value of your money along with the Canadian PR card.

Canada is one of the most wanted countries when it comes to immigration. It offers good life style and good work opportunities. For those who want to move to the country may find Canada PR Consultants In Pune, Mumbai, Delhi or any major city of India. Some of the consultancies have branches in almost all big cities. You must select a reliable consultant for your future.

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