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How the Media and Advertising Is Used to Train You

When was the last time you sat and listened to a commercial on television? Do you see and hear the difference as to how companies are pushing products as opposed to 30 years ago? 30 years ago they may have put a woman in the kitchen holding her stomach and in the meantime, a jingle would play in the background in hopes you would remember the jingle when you went shopping, and buy the product.
What you may not realize is that we American's have been slowly and methodically desensitized.
Believe it or not this is still part of the government's allowable plan.
They will use whatever they can to capture our interest, and teach us in ways that will help them get ideas across to us when they need to.
I remember sitting and watching a black and white television at my grandparent's house many years ago, when a cigar commercial happened to come on.
The commercial began with a man lighting up a cigar.
While doing so he looked directly at the camera and said something like, I am not worried, because if you take one puff, we got you! I remember it to this very day.
We got you! Very catchy, but I tell you this because that was not why I remember It, even though the idea worked well for the product.
My grandfather had a cigar in his mouth most of the time.
In fact he always had his cigars in his dress shirt pocket which by the way he wore daily, even on his days off.
The minute the guy on the commercial said the words, I got you, my grandfather took a fit and said, and I quote, "That son of a who knows what, I wouldn't give you a nickel for that cigar.
" Evidently that commercial backfired on him, but I know it affected him.
I told you this story in order to show you that advertising used memory, music and jingles to get their products to stick in your head, causing you to remember the product advertised when you went shopping.
Today if you listen they are not trying to remind you as much as cause you to buy a product.
Listen closely to allergy product commercials.
Did you ever catch what is said at the ending of the commercial? Most of them finish with something similar to, talk to your Allergist about using such and such product.
Some say things like use this product for your allergies.
What am I saying here? Do you get it? They are telling you and training you to believe that you have allergies, as well as a personal allergist! We are being trained to believe that we should have a personal Allergist, a dentist, a doctor, a painter, an electrician, a psychiatrist, a lawyer and it goes on and on.
I know and they know that we should have a family Doctor, Dentist and they things are today maybe even a lawyer but that is only part of what they are saying.
The drug companies are some of the best advertisers out there.
Let's go even deeper than the obvious when we listen to these commercials; you have to listen closely, watch for things said at a fast or even slower pace.
Many of the suggestions are not supposed to be heard by our conscious minds but are in fact subliminal and geared to our sub conscious minds.
When listening, you will learn that you do have allergies, you have arthritis, you will get Alzheimer's disease you will get arthritis and need their drug.
They even go as far as to attempt to make it sound like you are not doing what is right if you are not calling and making an appointment for these products on a daily basis.
If you don't believe I am telling the truth you can always read about some of the studies written about in Dr.
Depoe Copra's books.
We are trained to believe we are getting old in our 50's and will die at a certain age.
Advertisements are going beyond advertising products; they are psychologically molding our lives.
The truth is that once you are aware of what they are saying and doing you don't have to believe them!

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