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There are many different types and styles of faucets and shower heads available today. When it comes to choosing a faucet, one needs to consider the specification of the bath. For example, one must know where a single hole, center set or a three-hole faucet is required. Moreover, the most important feature when looking for a faucet should be the internal mechanism. Quality faucets will always contain ceramic cartridges and brass fittings. Always steer clear of any faucets with plastic shells, seals or handles.

A single-hole faucet is very popular in todays market. It is easy to use and contains a single handle that is convenient since it controls the water pressure and temperature with one lever. Furthermore, there are many marvelous designs that will fit any bath dcor.

A center set faucet typically comes as a one-piece set. It is used to cover a 4inch spread. Many of these faucets are quite fashionable and easy to install.

Three-hole faucets come in many different styles and need three separate holes: one of each handle, the hot and the cold, and one for the spout. The tree pieces are not connected and can be mounted as far as 16 inches apart. When purchasing a three-hole be sure to measure the spread requirement, i.e. the distance between the openings to make sure the faucet will fit.

Wall-mounted faucets can be used for vessel sinks, under mounted sinks, as well as bath tubs. They come in many different styles and sizes and are very practical for small spaces.

In addition to the various faucet styles there is also a variety of shower heads that can be purchased for a shower. A traditional wall-mounted shower head comes in many different shapes, sizes as well as finishes including Chrome, Satin Nickel, and Gold.

Another types of shower head that is popular in todays market is the ceiling mounted shower head. It is attached to a shower arm that comes out directly from the ceiling. Again, many different options of finishes, sizes, and styles are available to choose from.

Before purchasing a faucet or a shower head be sure to consider the quality, size needed, as well as the general bathroom dcor. Once all this information is gathered there are plenty of finishes and styles to choose from at

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