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Medical Billing And Coding Salary And Hourly Rate Factors - What You Should Know

If you're thinking about entering the medical billing and coding field there are a number of things you'll want to check out.
Of course you're interested in the kind of salary or hourly rate you can expect and that will depend a lot on a few factors.
First of all it'll depend on where you live.
Are you living in a big city where there is a lot of competition among billing services or do many other doctor's offices and health care facilities hire their own medical billers, coders, assistants and specialists? If you live in an area where the economy is good and the cost of living is higher you would get a higher entry level salary.
Medical billers, medical coders and medical insurance specialists (who usually know how to bill and code) will find that salaries will vary depending on whether you work in a private clinic, doctor's office, hospital, healthcare facility, dental office or for a billing service or insurance company.
Salaries can vary quite a bit actually so this will take a little research in your own community to see where the salaries run higher.
Also any education you have that relates to medical billing and coding will give you a big boost.
Whether it's in the medical billing and coding area or related areas.
Medical terminology can be very useful as can other types of jobs.
In the recent past medical billers and coders have made between $35,000 and $45,000 and up.
This will depend on how much education or training, related job experience, and how long you've been with your employer if in the same field.
So you can see there are many factors to consider when determining the salary or hourly rate for medical billers and coders.
The best thing to do is make a few phone calls to medical billing services in your hometown or closest city and see what kind of salaries they offer to medical billers or coders.
You can usually find out a lot by contacting the human resources departments.
Try calling some of the larger doctors' offices too and talk to the office manager.
They're usually quite willing to tell you starting salaries and also the potential for getting a job there in the future.
Continue to research online if you need medical billing or medical coding training (you can study these separately) or education and focus on one or the other or both.

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