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End Premature Ejaculation - 3 Tips to Last All Night Long

PE is a very common problem and the majority of men suffer from it (almost 75%).
How can you end premature ejaculation and last all night long? Is it possible to overcome this embarrassing problem? Well, you can overcome it and I will give you 3 tips for doing so.
First Tip- Control your arousal level.
Your arousal level is the one, that should let you know, how close you are to the point of no return.
When you become more aware of it, you can easily control it.
You can increase your arousal and when you will feel that you are about to climax, you can take things slower and reduce it.
By doing so, you can easily prolong your intercourse duration.
Second Tip- become more aware of your breathing during Sex.
Your breathing is always with you, but you are hardly paying any attention to it.
In fact, the only time we pay attention to it, is when we lose it.
This time you can use awareness to your breathing, in order to last longer in bed.
It will help you feel more relaxed in bed and hence lasting longer.
There are breathing exercises you can learn, so you can feel more relaxed while performing.
Third Tip- control your pc muscles.
These muscles are the one that function during ejaculation.
When you train these muscles, you will gain more control over your ejaculation.
You can set up an exercise routine that will help you get your pc muscles back in shape.
For conclusion, you can last all night long and you can end PE.
Sex can bring so much pleasure for you and your partner- take the time to learn how to perform at your best.

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