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How To Give A Gift That People Want

Two things usually happen at this time of the year.
One of those is the quest for body-beautiful.
Gyms and other fitness centres do a roaring trade as people sweat and strive to get their bodies ready for what lies ahead.
The other feature of this period is gift-giving.
The search to find the 'perfect' gift can create a shopping frenzy.
Some gift-givers even ask the recipient what they'd like.
Now that's serious, methinks.
The strange thing about gift-giving is that we know what people actually want.
The one thing most people want is SATISFACTION - to lead a satisfying life.
The challenge, of course, is that everyone's definition of satisfaction differs.
For some people a satisfying life could be living in the lap of luxury while, for others, a tropical island shared with the person of his or her dreams would be at the top of any list.
Maybe a gift can only hope to contribute to that which a person aspires.
The good news for gift-givers is that we know what is required if satisfaction is to be achieved.
The key ingredient is SUCCESS.
But please, don't go out and buy the person a book on how to be successful.
Everything encapsulated in those many books about success comes down to three things;knowing where you are, knowing where you want to be, and each day moving towards that 'end' in some way.
Chances are that giving people what they really want won't be as simple and straightforward as going into a department store or shop, buying an airline ticket to Paris, or whatever.
You know what the person wants, but how can you hope that your gift can contribute to the recipient achieving satisfaction? It's easy! All you have to do is help him or her achieve success.
And the only cost involved could be your time.
There's the often-quoted story of the wealthy father who asked his son to name what he wanted for Christmas.
'Name it, and it's yours!' said the father, The son told the father that what he wanted most of all was for his father to spend time with him (the son).
For the son, satisfaction was not derived by receiving stuff.
What the son wanted most was his father's undivided attention.
A gift card is of no use in instances like this.
So, during this gift-giving season, let's make sure that we're really giving what we know the recipient wants most of all - satisfaction.
And, in order to achieve satisfaction, success is essential.
When success is part of life, satisfaction is the result.

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