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God Isn't Smashing The Daisies Taking God's name in vain is a little like a giant trampling fields of daisies with his feet.
It is a futile act that can only end with the offender losing his footing.
Don't blame God for your problems.
It isn't His fault that you are not following His message of kindness and caring.
Don't take God's name in vain by trying to blame Him for your own lack of faith.
You can't really believe in God if you don't believe in yourself.
It's time to start taking responsibility for your own actions and stop trampling the flowerbeds by putting you foot in your mouth and saying that It's God's fault that that you have a problem.
We can't blame God for all the problems that we inflict on ourselves.
We can however implore Him to help us overcome our problems.
The way to do this is to have faith that God is always with us: that He knows our weaknesses, and that He is there to help us overcome them.
Think of God's mercy and kindness as being as abundant as flowing fields of wild Yellow and White daisies blowing gently in the wind.
Let His spirit inspire you and give you the inner peace of mind that you are striving for.
Walk gently through the fields of daisies.
Don't trample your true feelings of faith.
Allow yourself to believe in God's kindness and mercy.
Allow yourself the best chance you will ever have to solve your problems.
Allow yourself to find God's grace.

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