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The Secrets of a Pickup Artist

You've finally reached your goals. Stellar job, big house, fast car, great have it all. This is the life. What more could you want? Women, of course! Maybe you've had a little trouble with the ladies, or your technique is a bit rusty from all those hours put in at the office; whatever the reason, you are severely lacking in the female companion department. How can you fix this? Easy! With a few tips and tricks from a pick up artist, you can't go wrong.

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Being a pick up artist is more than just you want a woman or many women in your life. You have to focus on the goal and keep trying to reach it. If you get a rejection, brush it off and try the next prospect. A true pick up artist learns from his mistakes and never falls off the proverbial horse when it occurs. How do you think they learned their craft? Trial and error, my friend, trial and error.

Learn How to get women into bed as often as you like

Pick up artists start with the most basic commodity around...confidence. If you have the confidence to approach a woman or her entire circle of friends, you've just scored yourself several points otherwise unattainable. You are saying...look at me...notice me...without even having said a word! Next step, you need to have your verbal arsenal under your command. Don't just fire off random word shots; choose your strategy wisely so as to control the situation. Use one of your sure fire pick up lines, create one on the spot, or even try an opener to get the conversation going. The trick is to be interesting, yet not quite show how interested you actually are. You want to wade into the situation while drawing her into the center of focus. Find it hard to strike up a conversation with a woman? Let your clothes do the talking. This doesn't mean to dress like disco duck, unless you are at a seventies party; it merely means to wear one thing that's interesting or out of the ordinary that will catch her eye. Getting her attention in this manner will spike her curiosity and draw her straight to you to uncover the man behind the mask (so to speak).

Discover the pick up artist in you. At your next party, scope out the available prospects upon arrival. Set your sites on one and make it your mission to make contact. You may have arrived alone, but you don't have to leave that way.

Learn How to get women into bed as often as you like

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