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A Great Time to Begin Learning Magic Tricks

Magic tricks are more popular today than ever before and many magicians have achieved a great deal of respect and admiration in the public eye.
There is a real revival of interest in the fascinating arts of magic and illusion.
For the first time in a decade or more, magic shows dominate prime time television slots and many magicians are once again household names.
It is of little wonder, then, that many people are wanting to learn magic- not only for their own pleasure and the entertainment of others but also as a possible career path.
There really has never been a better time to learn magic tricks.
In former times, all magic secrets were jealousy guarded and to learn the art it was necessary to find a personal mentor.
The process could take years even if you were lucky enough to find someone to teach you.
But now, things have changed and changed for the better in my view.
There is much more openness and availability in the magic world these days.
There are two powerful reasons for this.
One is the growth of communications and information technology: video, the internet and other media have revolutionised the way that magic is taught and to whom.
The other reason is the evolution and deepening of our understanding of how magic works.
This has led to the realisation that exposure of former magical secrets does not actually harm the profession.
On the contrary, it leads to a growth in interest and appreciation.
In the last decade we have seen the democratisation of magic.
Knowing how a trick is done, or at least the broad theory, seems not to spoil the effect on the audience as it is now understood that it is not the raw mechanics of an effect that creates the 'magical experience' for the audience but the skill and psychology of the presentation.
Today, it is no longer necessary to seek out a personal mentor to learn magic tricks and indeed, to learn them well.
Nor is it necessary to spend a great deal of money on gimmicks and other expensive items from the magic store.
There are a number of free websites and blogs that can prove excellent resources for the budding magician.
There are instantly available video downloads of magic tricks tutorials and endless free articles and ebooks explaining the theory and practical details of many hundreds of tricks.
So, it is now perfectly possible to teach yourself the art of magic to a high degree from the comfort of your own home.
Coin tricks and card tricks remain as popular as ever, as do the various effects such as levitation which are now styled 'street magic'.
There is also a revival of interest in the branch of magic tricks known as 'mentalism'.
Whether you are interested only in picking up a few amazing magic tricks to astound your friends or embarking on the path towards professionalism, there never was a better time to begin.
The first step would be to find a good quality tutorial site such as The Magic Tricks Homepage and sign up to the free newsletter to get all the latest updates and special offers, inside information, hints and tips as well as the chance to put your questions directly to a professional magic for advice.

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