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Want A New Furry Friend? How To Pick The Right Puppy

Puppies are certainly sweet and cuddly, but it's important to look past those delightful faces and think about what the dog will be like as an adult.
Before you choose a puppy, do a little research on different types of dogs and how each type will fit into your daily life.
Whether you live a low-key lifestyle or you're someone who likes to be constantly busy, here are a few different puppy breeds that might be the right choice for you.
What Puppies Are Best For Active Lifestyles? If you like to be on the go and want your dog to do the same, look for a sporting dog.
These types of puppies can include German Shepherds, Siberian Huskies, Labrador Retrievers and Boxers.
Each of these breeds loves to be active and it's not uncommon to see them out running with owners or playing fetch at the dog park.
However, because these dogs are large, it may be necessary to go through some training to make sure the puppy knows how to behave on a leash.
Puppies aren't born knowing how they should act so don't be afraid to take your new friend to training classes to make sure you know how to handle your pet as it becomes fully grown.
Is Your Life Low-Key? If you prefer to be home rather than constantly on the go, you might be surprised at what types of puppies may be right for you.
Some breeds that are less likely to be high-energy are Rat Terriers and Pugs.
However, if you have your heart set on a large puppy, don't necessarily rule them out if you like to stick close to home.
While Greyhounds are best known for being fast runners, they're actually a great choice for people who like to live a lower-key lifestyle.
Greyhounds can run extremely fast, but they can't run for very long.
You're more likely to see a Greyhound curled up on the couch rather than begging to play fetch.
Do You Live In A Small Space? If you have a small space, you're probably focused on finding a small puppy or one that doesn't need a lot of room to be happy.
Some of these breeds include the Japanese Chin, Pugs and Bolognese.
If you're looking for an unusual dog, consider a Puggle.
These puppies are a cross between a Pug and a Beagle and are extremely low maintenance and small, topping out at about 30 pounds.
While all dogs need a little daily exercise, be careful not to exercise your Puggle too much.
These dogs have a short nasal cavity, which means breathing can be difficult if the animal is overworked.
Before you start looking at dog breeds, it's a great idea to narrow your choice down to a few select breeds.
Knowing which type of dog is best for your lifestyle and your family can go a long way towards finding a pet that you can love for many, many years.

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