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What Causes Belly Fat?

Before we can start tackling your belly fat we need to look at why it's there and why you are having a problem getting rid of the bulge.
The first and obvious thing is improper eating and lack of exercise.
But it does not stop there.
Here are a few reason why you might be finding it difficult dealing with belly fat.
Hormonal changes like Menopause After the menopause fat stores itself in carious places in a woman's body often times around the tummy.
Genetic make up The common body types are apple and pear shaped.
If you are pear shaped you tend to store weight in your lower body whereas an apple shaped person stores weight in their mid section.
Both of these body shapes or types will store more fat in the stomach areas.
Improper Digestion We cannot rule out stress here but I deal with that next.
There could be several gastro intestinal problems that leave the belly gassy and bloated due to improper digestion.
Often when people complain of a fat belly it is due to excessive gas causing bloating.
Stress Stress with in self does not cause belly fat.
However stress causes the liver to release a hormone called cortisol.
Cortisol causes the liver to produce sugar that he body does not have any need for.
And guess what that leaves the body hungry.
Result you eat more as the body begins to feel hungrier.
And guess where those extra calories end up? Around your belly of course where else? Slow Metabolism Metabolism tends to slow down as we get older.
Basically we don't burn as many calories as fast or as easily as we did when younger.
Again these extra calories end up being stored around the belly and stomach area.
Although this one is pretty obvious most people never think of it.
Poor posture can give you the "pot belly" look.
Trystanding side ways on to a mirror.
Hunch over and look at how your belly looks.
Now stand erect.
See the difference? Not only do you look longer leaner and at least 1.
5 inches taller but your belly looks better too.
Late Night Eating Again another obvious one and one that is difficult to stick to with long working hours and the added demands of family and friends.
To keep control of belly fatdo avoid eating 3 hours before going to bed.
You need to give your digestive system at least that amount of time to digest the food or you run the risk of storing that meal around your waist.
If you must eat before bedtime try a banana or a handful of almonds.
Examine your causes As I mentioned in the beginning the primary causes of belly fat is improper diet and lack of exercise.
With the dangers of belly fat being highlighted everyday we all need to be mindful no matter what our size.
Because there are many varying factors why there is extra fat around your belly it is important to investigate why, particularly if you tend to gain more weight in that part of your body more than anywhere else.

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