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A Glimpse Into The Wonderful World Of Pizza

Pizza originated in Italy and was spread around the world from one end to the other.
Today, it is a popular food for children and adults alike.
People make it in many different ways, with toppings that to some may seem abhorrent while to others, their favorite version is a delicacy.
There are many different toppings that can be put on pizza bread.
The dough is formed usually in a circle and covered with the sauce to begin with.
In some places, it is not made with tomato sauce.
This is generally the first thing to be added, however.
The next topping is the cheese.
They are usually covered with as much shredded mozzarella cheese as they can get on there, as the cheese is one of the things that makes it so delicious.
Advertisements take advantage of the stringy cheesy effect when someone bites into a hot slice of pizza.
Extra cheese is a favorite addition to a lot of choices.
After the cheese, all of the special food items that anyone could want to try can be tossed over the top.
The one popular favorite for nearly every human is pepperoni.
This is an extremely popular member of the meat family that is cut in long tubular rolls and cut into round slices to be added to the top of a cheese pizza.
Pepperoni accounts for the majority that are made annually.
The pounds of pepperoni that is consumed per year is in the billions.
Other meat toppings include sausage, ham and hamburger.
There are specialty meat pizzas that are covered with every kind of meat imaginable and then baked to perfection.
Still other people enjoy having a vegetarian meal, eliminating all meats from their toppings.
Some of the vegetables that are commonly added are bell peppers, onions and mushrooms all baked on a whole wheat crust.
There is nothing more awesome than taking something fun to eat and making it healthy, too.
Some unusual but common toppings that people enjoy are pineapple and anchovies.
One is a very fruity taste, while the other is very fishy.
Both are overwhelming tastes to the senses but are actually more common than you might think.
Some unusual toppings that are not as common would be dandelions, artichoke hearts, venison and tuna.
The list goes on and on for toppings because everyone has a unique and different taste they are looking for.
People all over the world have designed their own according to their culture.
For instance, the Russians serve it with a mixture of fishes and onion while people in Brazil prefer green peas to top theirs.
Pizza is a favorite among little league ball teams.
After a terrible loss, a coach might want to take his team out to console them.
After a terrific win, he will want to take them out to reward them.
What better place to take a team of little league ball players in either of these situations than the nearest pizza place, where they can be loud, have fun and play like all little kids should.

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