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Article Marketing - How to Leverage and Re-Purpose Your Articles

Article marketing requires that you write and submit a high volume of articles for you to be successful.
Here are a couple of tips for writing articles when you are really busy so you can still get a lot done: 1.
Re-purposing -
Let's say you have written an article on re-purposing your articles, and then you take that same article and break it up into 2 separate blog posts, one on re-purposing your articles and one on leveraging your articles.
That's re-purposing.
Whenever you take your content and turn it into different kinds of content you are re-purposing your articles.
Leveraging -
Leveraging is similar yet different, and it is a difference that makes a big difference in your article volume This one is best explained with an example.
Right now much of my focus is on the March launch of the next Article Writing and Marketing Secrets TeleCourse and the four modules of writing, submission, marketing and income.
So most of my articles, teleseminars, speaking engagements, and being a guest on teleseminars will be focused on those four modules of content.
That's leveraging - being busy and focused on one thing and getting the most out of it when you use it in other places.
Think of it this way.
Leveraging is time limited - using one thing in many places at one time when you are busy, so you can get a lot done.
Re-purposing can be spread over time, as you grow one article into many more types of content over time.
Both re-purposing and leveraging allows you to write more articles and continue to build your web presence even when you are busy.

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