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The Morgan Horse - Breed History and Information

Figure - Justin Morgan Figure, the sire from which all Morgans come from, was born in Massachusetts in 1789.
It is thought he stood just short of horse height, around 14hh, and was renowned for his ability to pass on hereditary qualities including his conformation, presence and agility, making him a superb choice to start the breed.
He died aged 32, and during his life was renamed 'Justin Morgan' and so the breed is frequently called 'The Justin Morgan Horse'.
Characteristics of Morgans Every one comes from a single breed standard, regardless of bloodline etc.
They are known for a refined build, with good strength in the legs, a stocky yet compact body, a noticeably arched neckline and set back shoulders.
They are very expressive in their looks and mannerisms, which is exaggerated by them having large eyes.
Morgan height varies, but normally ranges from around 14.
1hh up to 15.
2hh though there are some examples which are above and below these limits.
Although Morgans are technically regarded as horses, if a Morgan horse is below 14.
2 hands it can be classed, and entered as a Pony in equestrian shows and competitions.
Morgans can be bred in many different colours, though they are usually to be found in black, chestnut and bay.
Morgas Today The Morgan is a noticeably versatile breed and they often compete in many different disciplines across the equestrian world, including eventing, dressage and showjumping.
They are so popular, they also have there own show circuit, including a National Morgan Horse competition.

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