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How to Beat Demolition Derby on Saints Row 2

    • 1). Find the demolition derby at the Stilwater University District. Talk to the Mullet Man to take part in the derby.

    • 2). Choose a vehicle you are comfortable with that balances durability and speed. Optimal vehicles include the Rampage and Bootlegger.

    • 3). Ram your opponents' cars to cause damage and earn cash. Destroying an opponent's car entirely gives you a $500 bonus.

    • 4). Use nitrous to speed up and make your hits even more powerful.

    • 5). Avoid getting hit by your opponents. However, do not sit back and let the other drivers destroy each other. You get points for causing damage, not surviving intact.

    • 6). Upgrade your car between derbies using the derby points awarded at the end of each derby. Improve your damage potential first, then improve your defensive capabilities.

    • 7). Win all six levels of the demolition derby to unlock optional derbies. These derbies do not have rewards but are entertaining.


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