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What Makes a Good Christian Play?

Did you know that doing and presenting Christian plays is one of the most effective ways of getting the wonderful Christian message across? Not only that, but plays are a great way for spiritual relief for churches, schools, Sunday schools and Christian family gatherings.
But what really does make a good Christian play? Well I'm going to share with you the key things that a Christian play must have in order for it to be effective.
1) It must involve the audience.
Have you ever noticed when a play is being produced in front of kids, that the kids absolutely light up as soon as they become involved with the actors.
They become encapsulated with the production because they feel apart of the play.
2) It must reach out to people from ALL walks of life.
We all know that the we need to inspire more people with the Christian message, so it is crucial that the play encourages people who may not necessarily have been exposed to the Christian message before.
3) It must contain humor because this is the essence of a good play.
Humor grabs the attention of the audience much more rapidly and when the whole idea of a Christian play is to share the Christian message, getting the attention of the audience is crucial.
You know plays can be used just about anywhere and most people actually love to act in plays which are fun and interactive.
So if you are looking for more ideas for your church, Sunday school group, Christian school or family gathering, then think about doing a Christian play.

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