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How Long Does It Take Astrantia to Flower?

    Get the Right Soil

    • Plant your astrantia in moist soil that is warmed partially by the morning and afternoon sun. Astrantias love the shade more than they love the sun, but they still need light. Humus-rich soil that is well-drained makes ideal soil conditions for your astrantia.

    Blooming Schedule

    • Astrantia begin to bloom in May. The flowers last until October. They will grow up to 2 feet tall with a mounding growth habit. You find them in meadows and under trees where there is moist soil.

    Reviving Flowers

    • Once your astrantias have bloomed, keep them looking fresh and encourage new growth by cutting plants back near the ground. New blooms soon emerge from those you have cut back.

    Drying Astrantias

    • Keep an astantia's colorful blooms all year long by drying them. To properly dry them, cut the stems close the ground. Turn them upside down and bind them with a string or rubber band. Then, hang them upside down in a cool place with adequate air circulation.

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