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Bridal Gowns For Athletic Brides

It is a wonderful thing to be athletic.
Being fit will make you look better, feel better, and live longer.
For women who are more used to hitting the gym in sweats than hitting the town in an evening gown, though, making the transition from sporty gal to fancy bride can be a challenge.
Some women love to be princesses.
For them, getting dressed up in a formal gown with a long flowing veil and dazzling bridal jewelry is a dream come true.
Sportier types of women, however, may have a hard time channeling their inner diva.
The key is to find a wedding gown that makes you feel like a bride while still feeling like yourself.
Sometimes an athletic body may pose particular difficulties in finding the right bridal gown.
Swimmers, for example, usually have powerful shoulders and back muscles.
This is not a problem when you are wearing something stretchy like a tshirt, but it can become an issue when you are trying on more fitted formal garments.
Other types of athletes will have different issues to contend with, such as a runner's strong thighs.
On the plus side, an athletic bride is going to have a lot of great features to highlight.
You are likely to have nicely toned arms, attractive shoulders, and a more firm physique than a lot of other women.
When shopping for your gown, look for styles that will really showcase your assets to their full advantage.
Brides who are unaccustomed to wearing very fancy clothing may find that they are more comfortable in a gown with straps instead of a strapless wedding dress.
Nothing is less attractive than a bride who is constantly fussing with her gown, so if you feel nervous in a strapless dress, choose a different style.
V-necks are often a very good shape for a bride with strong shoulders, which many athletes have.
Also look for gentle scoop necks.
Spaghetti straps look nice on toned shoulders, but only if they are not too muscular.
Another type of bridal gown to consider is the halter neckline.
It can be the perfect cut to show off well-conditioned arms, shoulders, and upper back.
A halter style also has a certain sportiness about it, which can make it a great fit in terms of style as well.
Halter gowns can take many forms.
They can tie at the neck with soft chiffon for a beach wedding, they can be fixed at the neckline with crystal buttons for a more formal wedding (which go nicely with crystal bridal jewelry), and they can have a variety of shapes within the neckline, including square, v-neck, and sweetheart.
This makes the halter bridal gown one of the most versatile options.
The fabric that you select can make all the difference in the world when it comes to how you feel in your wedding gown.
If you do not consider yourself to be a dainty type of person, stay away from very fragile fabrics like chiffon.
You do not want to be worried about damaging your gown.
Look for more durable materials such as silk shantung or linen.
Many sporty women feel much more at home in those fabrics.
You accessories are an important part of your bridal ensemble.
Brides who are usually more casual might feel overwhelmed by a cathedral length veil, high heels, a big tiara, and elaborate bridal jewelry.
There are many simpler alternatives that will make you look polished without feeling ridiculous.
Options include: a fingertip length veil, cute flat shoes or sandals, a dainty headband, and a single pearl or crystal pendant for bridal jewelry.
Athletic brides will have many wonderful features to highlight when dressing for their weddings.
Choose a bridal ensemble that feels like you, not like a princess bride.
As long as you seek the styles that make you feel comfortable, you will look radiant on your wedding day.

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