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Bio Metric Security in Canada to Catch Visa Frauds

Keeping in mind increase in number of frauds, government authorities are opting for €Bio-metric' security checks to keep a strict control.
Current situation:
Recently there has been found an increase in number of illegal offenders intruding in to the borders through misrepresentation of their identities, hence challenging the immigration system of the country. The people have been found tampering with their identification details like passports etc to mislead the authorities and illegally entering the country. To keep a strict control such kind of illegal immigrants government have decided to take harsh step, tightening of rules is one but they are now particular towards the identification checks. This will help them to maintain all the records of the immigrants entering into the country the genuine as well the fraudulent ones.
Recent Cases:
Recently, many visa applicants, undesirable anti social elements like drug smugglers, sex crooks have been caught at the Australia airport itself when they were trying to enter the country through misrepresentation. The Biometric checks using facial scans, the fingerprint impressions brought forward their reality to the airport authorities.
Statistics states:
According to the statistics it shows that during the last one year, around 343 cases of misrepresentation were brought forward by the National Automated Finger Identification System(NAFIS), out them 127 had their criminal records even. Hence the situation seems quite serious. It is a not challenge for single country but for all the countries who are facing such kinds of problems.
What is Biometric Identification?
It is a hi-tech technology to identify a person through his biological data. To simply the process, it means the identification of a person through its matches based on fingerprints, eye retinas, voice patterns, DNA and facial patterns. Recently the government authorities of all the countries have made it a point to maintain such measures of any immigrant entering and staying in the country. This helps them to keep a check on such immigrants as when hard situation arises.
Authorities Viewpoint:
According to Australian immigration Minister Chris Bowen, biometrics is need of the hour, normal visa checks with the biometric identification will help them fight against the crime in a better way. According to the experts It is not easy to fool biometric records, one can tamper with their passport and visa details but tampering or altering facial images and finger scans are quiet difficult in nature.
Countries Take:
Now all the countries including U.S., Australia, Canada, and UK are introducing such scans along with the passport checks so that culprits are detected at the source only and should be eliminated from there and then.

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