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Cool Game Ideas for Pre-K Kids


    • Turn on the music, grab a toy and pretend it is a microphone, and rock out to your child's favorite music.

    Computer time

    • Put pre-K games such as Dora the Explorer, The Number Game and Shape Sorter on the computer. This will teach computer and other skills, but be sure to monitor the amount of time kids spend on the computer.

    Play Lotto

    • Bingo for children is called Lotto. It is played with pictures instead of letters and numbers, but still offers a ton of fun.

    Copy Cat

    • Have the kids copy your movements. Start by stomping or marching and work your way up to jumping and leaping.


    • Kids' games can help children prepare for school by teaching listening skills and how to follow instructions. Games also alleviate boredom, making kids' lives entertaining and yours a little easier.


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