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Koi Fish For Sale - How to Sell Your Koi

One of the most rewarding aspects of Koi fish keeping is the ability to show off your prized fish at koi competitions, shows or by selling your koi.
You might even make a great profit on your koi if you use these smart selling techniques.
SELLING KOI A koi fish hobby should be about enjoyment first and foremost.
However, if you are planning in selling your koi for profit, or even just to cover your expenses, it helps to have a goal in mind before you even start your koi collection.
The koi market is like the watch or precious gem market.
The rare, flawless varieties are worth the most.
The most original and stunning koi have come from unusual genetic mutations.
Dedicated and skilled breeders might have spent years, even decades to produce stunning combinations.
That does not mean that a koi fish novice cannot breed a healthy, beautiful and valuable fish.
VALUABLE KOI Koi are prized for their outward appearance: body shape, color pattern, absence of abnormalities, good health and overall quality.
The patterns need to be crisp at the edges and have good proportions.
For example, a small pattern on a large body and vice versa is not as cherished.
The absence of abnormalities means no missing fins, crooked spine, holes or ulcerations in the scales, head or body disproportions.
Good health means no disease, parasites, breathing problems or scars.
Experienced buyers will be looking at the overall proportions of the body: the symmetry of the head, shoulders and fins.
The most beautiful koi have a straight line from the snout to the tail.
Generally, the larger the better in terms of size and clear and healthy eyes and mouth are also vital considerations.
Skin quality and color is known as the 'finish' and a prized koi will have a lustrous, vibrant finish.
THE RIGHT PACKAGE How you package your koi fish for sale might make the difference between big profits and a loss.
You might find that you make a lot more by selling your koi in a package rather than as individual fish.
If you can add valuable extras, such as the construction of the pond, or pond equipment you might find ordinary individuals who are happy to pay for all your initial hard work.
Get friendly with the fish pet stores and dealers in your area.
Build a reputation as a caring, responsible owner.
Even if they do not buy your koi fish directly, they can help recommend you to their customers and contacts.
TRANSPORTING YOUR KOI How you ship your koi is an essential part of the selling process.
An experienced buyer or dealer will be sure to ask you about your shipping plans.
For sure, it would be a disaster if the koi fish you shipped was dead on arrival.
If you are unsure about the best way to ship your koi, you can find specialist koi fish movers.

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