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How to Draw People for Kids

    Draw in Pencil

    • 1). Use a pencil to draw a very light stick figure on your paper, standing up straight with their arms at their side. Keep lines very faint as you will be erasing many of them. The purpose of the stick figure is to create a guide to help you with proportions. Make sure that the proportions of your stick figure look like a human. If your person's arms are past their knees or their head is too big for their body, adjust the proportions.

    • 2). Adjust your stick figure to whatever position your person should be in. You may choose to keep your drawing as a person standing up with their arms at their side, but you can also choose to draw someone with their arms extended or standing on one foot. Erase one limb at a time and draw it pointing in the correct direction.

    • 3). Now that your stick figure is in your chosen position, you must give them a body. Begin with their torso. Decide if your person is thin, fat, average, and so on, and draw their neck and their mid-section, stopping at the legs.

    • 4). Next, draw the legs extending out of the torso you've drawn. Make sure the width of the legs is proportionate to the person's body. Give the drawing two feet.

    • 5). Next, draw the arms and hands. Make sure each hand has five fingers showing, or choose to have your cartoon making a fist, giving a thumbs up or peace sign.

    • 6). Give your cartoon an outfit. If they're wearing pants, you may need to adjust the legs so that you show the shape of the pants instead of the shape of bare legs. Or, if you are drawing a girl and she is wearing a skirt, you may keep the bottom part of her natural leg shape. Draw an outline of the clothes the person will wear before erasing any lines that shouldn't show underneath the clothes.

    • 7). Now that your body is complete, fill in some details on the face. Make sure to include two eyes, a nose and mouth, and two ears. Draw a hairdo, unless you want your person to be bald!


    • 1). Clean up any unwanted pencil parks and trace over your person with a darker color. Use a pencil or a black pen to trace over and around the head, neck, arms and legs.

    • 2). Use markers to trace over and color your character's clothing.

    • 3). Color your character in realistic colors. Choose skin tone depending on what nationality your character is. For a Caucasian character, you might leave the person white or color in him or her with a beige or tan pencil. For an black character, you might color him or her with a light or dark brown pencil for a more natural effect. For any skin that is showing, use a colored pencil. For clothing or hair, opt for a marker or crayon.

    • 4). Give your character a background. Think about where they may be hanging out. If you've drawn a little girl in a tutu, she might be standing on a stage. If you've drawn a firefighter, he may be standing in front of a firehouse.

    • 5). Remember to sign your artistic masterpiece at the bottom right hand corner!

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