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Do-it-Yourself Easy Dent Removal

    • 1). Plug in a hairdryer in an outlet close to the vehicle. Use an extension cord if necessary.

    • 2). Hold the hairdryer about 4 inches from the dent. The highest heat setting is best.

    • 3). Move the hairdryer in a circular motion, heating the entire dent.

    • 4). Turn off the hairdryer after a minute.

    • 5). Hold the can of compressed air upside down. This ensures that carbon dioxide will come out of the can first. This is the part of the spray that you need.

    • 6). Press down on the nozzle of the can and cover the entire area of the dent with the spray. You'll notice that the liquid turns to ice on the dent.

    • 7). Wait for all of the frosty looking ice to disappear. As it disappears, you'll hear popping noises as the vehicle dent regains its shape.

    • 8). Take a clean dry rag and clean any excess compressed air liquid residue off the vehicle. It should wipe right off without any effort and the dent should be gone.

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