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Useful Reminders When Choosing a Great Color for Roofing in NH

Useful Reminders When Choosing a Great Color for Roofing in NH

Whether youâEUR(TM)re building your new home or doing a renovation in New Hampshire, choosing the right roof color for your house is crucial to the process. Aside from the fact that you will be seeing it every day, a good roof adds curb appeal and increases the value of your home. Selecting the right color for roofing in NH is not that complicated. You just have to remember a few tips to help you decide which one works well with your home.

Your home exterior is your top basis for roof color selection. Identify which part of your house provides the dominant color. Do you have a brick home or a partially bricked home? What is the color of your wall paint or siding?

Once you have determined your homeâEUR(TM)s dominant color, use this to identify which roof color matches with the exterior and provides harmony to the overall look of your home. For instance, if your bricks have earth tones such as off-white or cream, you can opt for a brown roof.

You can also categorize your home color and pick from the same color family. Is it warm or is it cool? Warm colors are those that have a brown or red tint and include red, orange, and yellow. Cool colors are those with a gray or bluish tint and include blue, green, and purple. If your brick, siding, or paint is in a cool shade, choose a cool shade as well, so the home exterior and the roof will complement each other.

In the case of a home with a neutral color, you can use a gray roof. A terracotta-colored roof, which has the same color as a clay tile, is also a good choice and can serve as the focal point of the house.

If you want to create a bold look, you may opt for contrasting colors. Just keep in mind that the roof should not be as dark or as light as the homeâEUR(TM)s brick, siding, or paint to keep the contrast interesting. In the case of a house with bright colors, a darker roof is recommended to tame the look of the paint or siding. To learn more about choosing the right colors for roofing in Manchester, NH or any other place, browse through ehow.com/info_8651501_roof-colors-heat.html.

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