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How to Polish the Fins on an Aluminum Engine

    • 1). Let the aluminum engine cool completely.

    • 2). Place a nozzle on a garden hose and turn it on. Spray the aluminum engine fins thoroughly with a strong stream of water. This will loosen and remove any surface film.

    • 3). Squirt car shampoo into a bucket and fill with water from the garden hose to make a soapy mixture.

    • 4). Dip a sponge into the shampoo mixture and thoroughly scrub the engine. Press the sponge into the sides of each fin to reach deeply inside and clean it.

    • 5). Spray the engine off with a strong force from the garden hose.

    • 6). Let the engine dry.

    • 7). Place a small polishing wheel into the chuck of a drill.

    • 8). Squirt aluminum polish onto the tip of the cone-shaped wheel.

    • 9). Turn the drill to the "On" position and insert the tip of the wheel into the side of each fin to reach the deepest area of the engine. Pass the drill back and forth along the fin side of each fin. Add extra polish to the tip as necessary to polish the entire engine.

    • 10

      Rinse the engine to remove any excess polish with the garden hose under full force.

    • 11

      Fold a chamois in half and hold each end in a hand to make it taught. Press the chamois into the channel on one side of a fin and pass it back and forth to dry it. Continue this process on each side of each fin and over the entire engine to dry it. Wring out the chamois when it no longer absorbs water from the engine.

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