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Fashion Archive: London Women"s Fashions for November

Walking Dress.

A pelisse of Gros de Naples, of a Barbel blue, ornamented down the front with a richly embossed serpentine waving of satin; the bust, which is made to wrap over on the right side, unites the same kind of trimming to the skirt; between each hollow of which is a small silk button, of the most unrivalled workmanship, though apparently simple; a blue satin belt encircles the waist, fastened in front with a gold buckle.

The mancherons are puckered, but not very full; and the cuff, at the wrist, is finished by indented antique squares; but they are turned back, which is an improvement. The ruffles are scanty, and are of fine lace, vandyked. A double ruff of Mechlin lace surmounts the pelisse.

The bonnet is of white figured Gros de Naples, crowned with a simple bouquet of double blue hyacinths, and tied with Barbel blue ribbon; a lace or blond cornette worn underneath; and a white gauze veil is thrown in careless drapery over the left side of the bonnet. A gold chain, with a large perspective eye-glass, is generally adopted with this dress; and a reticule of white Gros de Naples. Half boots of corded silk, of a Barbel blue, and lemon-coloured kid gloves.

Evening Dress.

Frock of tulle over a slip of lavender-coloured satin, with white satin ornaments en clochettes round the border, divided by narrow puffings of an oblong form; and next, or rather terminating the hem, one narrow flounce of doubled tulle. The corsage is of lavender-coloured satin, ornamented round the tucker part of the bust with puffings of white net, en bouffonts, with a bow of lavender satin in front, and one on each shoulder.

The sleeves are short, and are also of lavender satin, ornamented with pearls, and finished by one row of fine broad blond. Fatima turban of lavender, or celestial blue gauze, lightly entwined with pearls, and adorned with a few wheat ears, formed of the same valuable article; the hair arranged in beautiful ringlets over the face, which is not obscured, but embellished by this light dressing, and this is all the display of hair that is seen under this tasteful head-dress.

Necklace of twisted pearls, from which depend Arabian talismanic ornaments, as low as the girdle, terminated by rich tassels of turquoise beads, headed by gold amulets, on which are engraved Arabic characters. A carved ivory fan, white satin shoes, and white kid gloves, complete this truly fascinating and elegant costume.

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