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Why Are Dog Digestive Problems on the Increase?

Dog digestive problems may not seem too important, but they can lead to serious diseases such as dog bloat which is potentially fatal.
So why are digestion problems in dogs on the rise and what can an owner do to prevent them? The biggest issue with canine digestion is diet.
With so many good dog foods on the market today and new ones coming out all the time, you have to wonder why so many dogs are suffering with their digestion.
The main reason is that it is very difficult for the average dog owner to make an informed choice when there is so much misinformation being passed along by dog food manufacturers.
Each one claims their product is more "nutritious", but without a solid understanding of canine nutrition it's hard to assess which one is best for your dog.
Certainly the price of dog food can be a guide.
Obviously a really cheap brand is not going to contain as many quality ingredients as a more expensive one.
However going by price alone cannot be a guarantee that the product is high quality and will be suitable for your dog.
When choosing a good dog food, ensure that it is high in fibre to promote good digestion.
Avoid foods high in fats and fillers as these can react badly on your dog's digestion.
A high protein food is better, as is one with quality fresh ingredients.
To enable your dog to properly digest his food, try to prevent him from running around too much after a meal to give his digestive system time to do it's work.
For the same reason, restrict drinking straight after a meal as this will dilute the digestive enzymes.
Many dog digestive problems can be eliminated by giving your dog an effective herbal digestive tonic which can be used both as a preventative as well as a treatment.
You may notice the difference almost immediately because when canine digestion improves, your dog's energy and zest for life improve with it.

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