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Top 5 Cons of Online Education

While distance education is very beneficial to many students there are some factors about online college that students may want to consider. With everything good come negative aspects as well. Many of the disadvantages of online colleges and universities are depleting some still remain. It is important to note however, that a lot of these factors are determined by the student.

Here are the top 5 cons of online education:

1. Diploma Mills

With the success of online colleges on the rise we have seen the uprising of diploma mills as well. A diploma mill is a place that will sell you a fake diploma. If the school offers a diploma for sale with little or no class participation required then it's a diploma mill. Make sure that the school that you choose is accredited, this type of problem can be avoided. And keep in mind that a phony diploma doesn't get you the job.

2. You are in charge of your success!

Being a student at home can be a huge benefit to someone with a busy schedule. It can also be a major distraction. Most times students who take online courses take them whenever it is convenient, at home, at work, at the middle of the night. Being a student on your own time and terms can make it hard to focus. Students that attend a traditional setting are basically forced to pay attention to the lecture when they are in the same room with their professor for an allotted amount of time. It can be hard to study when you are distracted by your kids, or your job, or whatever surrounds you. With online courses, your success depends totally on you and your ability to manage yourself and stay on task.

3. There is not much interaction with others

Some college courses require you to interact with other students on the internet, other than that the interaction that you have with other students is dramatically decreased. The whole college life experience is quite different when you are taking courses online. To some this can be detrimental. If you are looking for a whole college social experience, online courses may not be for you. While you may not have the same "experience" as someone who attends a traditional college, you will certainly gain the same education.

4. There can be technical problems

Online college courses are computer and internet based making them highly prone to technical glitches. It is important to have a computer that works well and a stable internet connection. Yet, even the most fool-proof systems can cause problems for teachers and students. These problems are on the decline but it is important to note that you may experience technical difficulties.

5. Standardization of coursework and materials has not yet been completed

Even though you may be going to an accredited school and earning a high quality education that does not mean that you are earning the same education as students in the same program at different schools. Schools use different class content and course materials. This problem is thought to soon be solved in the next few years however, because accreditation agencies are working on standardizing the coursework and materials.

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