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Australian Skilled Migration Visa - For Those With the Right Skills

Australian skilled migration visa is obtainable by those who have a certain set of skills in trades which are in demand in Australia.
If someone has degrees in a certain field that is in high demand in Australia and he/she also has some relevant work experience to go with the education, then that person may be eligible for getting an Australian skilled migration visa.
However, the person has to pass some tests as well, like the IELTS and a points test.
The Australian Department of Immigration and Culture first has to be contacted by anyone looking to get an Australian visa.
The eligibility criteria, though mostly fixed, can also be revised and varied from individual to individual.
But generally, to get Australian skilled migration visa, it is necessary to possess some basic English skills, which they test by using the IELTS score.
Again, a points test has to be passed as well.
This points test takes into consideration various factors like the age, work experience and the kind of work that one has done.
The rule of thumb usually is that the younger one is, the higher are the points scored in the points test.
However, there have been some recent changes to the regulations surrounding Australian skilled migration.
These changes are aimed at increasing the importance of trades like medicine, engineering, law and business.
Also, more stress will be given to proficiency in English.
The threshold for IELTS score has been raised from 5 to 6.
No longer will education from a non-Australian institute have any importance and more emphasis will be given on work experience.
There is something called the Skilled Occupations List or SOL, which contains all the important trades that are in super demand in Australia.
This list is often updated, along with their codes.
When applying for Australian skilled migration visa, it is important to apply against the right code as well.
However, to facilitate the application process of wannabe migrants, the Australian government has made it easier for them by reducing the number of sub-classes from 15 to 9.

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