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It"s Easy to Love Katsu Burger--Here"s Why

Katsu Burger is a unique burger spot located just south of SoDo in Georgetown. If you enjoy interesting flavor combinations—and Japanese flavor combinations at that—then this will be your kind of place. The menu features Japanese-flavor inspired burgers, fries, shakes and a few snacks. The restaurant is small, and from the outside quite nondescript, but the numerous posters and prints on the walls have just enough humor and quirk that they may bring a smile to your face (C-3P0 with kanji on a cherry blossom background did the trick for me). In short—if you’re looking for a casual burger joint with a twist, go to Katsu Burger and you’ll find yourself in just the right place.

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1. Location

Katsu Burger
6538 4th Avenue S. (at the corner of E. Marginal Way)
Seattle, WA 98108

2. Menu

Katsu Burger’s menu is the reason to be here. It’s yummy. The menu consists of burgers, mega burgers (more than one patty involved), sides, add-ons, shakes, drinks and dessert. My recommendation is go here with at least one other person, order completely different things, and give more than one thing a try. Find the flavor combination that appeals the most to you, as there are quite a few flavors here to experiment with. All in all, I found the food to be a hit. Good, tasty burgers and fries that are just different enough from the usual.

3. Burgers

Burgers come with fun names—Ninja Deluxe and Godzilla Attack, for example—but make sure you read the descriptions or ask the counter person what a good burger might be for your taste, as few of the names actually describe what the burger might taste like. All burger patties are customizable at no charge—excellent for those who don’t eat red meat or are vegetarian. Get beef, pork, chicken or tofu. Meats are all hormone-free. Tofu is organic. The buns are even all natural. So you can feel slightly better getting a burger and fries at Katsu Burger than your average fast food place.

I tried the Katsu Curry and Wabi Wasabi, both with katsu-style breaded and fried chicken cutlets. Both were amazing, but I most enjoyed the Katsu Curry for its slight spiciness.

4. Side Dishes

Sides (either in a combo or a full side order) include fries, wasabi coleslaw or Banzai Bites (bites of chicken or pork cutlet with dipping sauces). Fries come in three flavors—sea salt, curry or nori. Fries come with a dipping sauce of your choice, for further flavor customization. I tried the curry and nori fries with sides of wasabi mayonnaise and sriracha mayonnaise. Again, both were awesome and both tasted great with either dipping sauce. The curry fries are slightly spicy, while the nori are much milder and only have a hint of nori flavor. Mixing and matching flavors quickly became my favorite aspects of Katsu Burger’s menu.

5. Dessert and Shakes

If you’ve still got room for a sweet treat at the end of the meal, you’ve got a few options. On the menu are milkshakes with some fun flavors—vanilla, chocolate, green tea, chai, and kinako and black sesame. Dorayaki Crunch is the only traditional dessert on the menu. You can also grab a snack from the selection of Japanese goodies near the counter, which includes everything from Pocky to wasabi peas to Hi-Chews. I did not have room. Menu items are ample in size!

6. Service

As a special bonus, the service when I went was excellent. The woman at the counter helped us decide what to order and when I asked which dipping sauces would best complement the fries, she offered advice about how spicy each one was.

Don’t expect your order to pop up at the counter right away. Orders do take a few minutes as the food is made-to-order and fresh. Kick back, take a look at the wall décor and await some of the best burgers and fries around.

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