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Common Mistakes When Learning French

It's easy to make mistakes when you are trying to learn French.
The key is to learn from your mistakes and quickly move on - don't get bogged down by them.
Here are some common mistakes people make when learning French:
  • Thinking of your French learning process as confined to the classroom - If you're going to be comfortable speaking French in day-to-day life you must practice it in such a situation.
    Once your French training is finished you should immerse yourself in the language by seeking out French conversations in person or on the Internet as much as possible.
  • Forgetting to rrrrroll your R's - This can be hard to get used to at first, especially if your first language is English - but once you get it down you will do it unconsciously.
    When you begin to speak French you should slow down when you need to say a word with that begins with R.
    Unlike English, the R in French is very soft and you need to roll your tongue to pronounce it correctly.
  • Getting too hung up on making mistakes - Often the biggest hindrance of learning French fast is fear and embarrassment.
    In order to practice you must allow yourself plenty of room for error.
    As you practice more and more you will gain confidence and before you know if you will be able to speak more and more quickly.
  • Being afraid to ask questions - Many people are happy to help if you ask for it, especially if they have learned a second language as well.
    If you don't know a word, instead of saying it in English, ask what the French word is and use it in a sentence immediately.
    If you continue to do this you will expand your French vocabulary rapidly - and have you learning French fast.
Remember these tips as you set out to learn French.
Don't let a few mistakes get you down - there can be no success without failure!

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