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Bill Phillips - An American Entrepreneur

This is the story of a very ambitious and successful American who was brought up in Golden Colorado.
Bill Phillips was born in 1964 and the family was made up of one sister and one brother and Mom and Dad.
His father was a very motivated man who studied law while working at the brewery and was eventually able to leave his job and start his own law practice.
Bill worked very hard at body building and when he was in his late teens he went to California to study body development.
He wasn't as successful as he wanted to be and soon he was in school studying nutrition and muscle physiology.
Back home in his early twenties he started a small news letter which became really popular in the body building circles.
He was able to go into all aspects of nutrition and muscle development since he had been studying those subjects in school.
In 1991 he began to work with doctors to develop performance nutrition products and develop muscle building techniques.
He continued to develop his publishing abilities and in 2000 he started Muscle Media 2000.
He began to promote meal replacement powders and supplements and for several years occupied the very front place in the industry.
In the early 2000's he split with his partners and began to publish books on his own.
In 1999 he started to work on Body For Life and it soon hit the New York Best Seller list and sold over three and a half million copies in the next few years.
In 2003 came "Eating For Life" and in 2006 there was "Great American Transformation".
On June 21 of 2010 his book The Mindset You Need, The Body You Want, The Life You Deserve" was published and within three weeks it made the New York Best Seller list.
Along the way he and his brother went to Las Vegas and filmed the "Body of Work" and he was asked to carry the Olympic torch for part of its journey to Salt Lake City for The Winter Olympics.
He has had a very interesting life and certainly it has been productive.
Bill Phillips is a motivational speaker who has had great success with body building and publishing magazines and books.
If you are looking for information about nutrition and body building why not go to the guy who knows? With several magazines to his credit and two books that were on the New York Best Seller list Bill Phillips seems like the person who should be a good source of information on these subjects.

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