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Symptoms of Ankle Tendinitis


    • The classic signs and symptoms of ankle tendinitis are ankle swelling; soreness; warm to the touch; stiffness, especially in the morning or after an activity; and pain when trying to flex the ankle.


    • Active people with flat feet are more susceptible to getting ankle tendinitis, and overtraining or excessive activity can lead to ankle problems. Any kind of athletic injury, such as rolling the ankle or twisting the ankle can jump start the tendinitis. If the ankle is weak and not in condition for the task, inflammation can develop.


    • Ankle tendinitis is not limited to young athletic individuals. This condition can also develop as we age and the joints stiffen and tendons tend to lose some elasticity and get tight. With any kind of ankle injury late in life, tendinitis can develop.


    • With ankle tendinitis, rest, ice, and over-the-counter anti-inflammatory medication will be the first line of treatment. With more severe tendinitis, cortisone injections may be necessary as well as wearing a cast. If the tendinitis and inflammation continues, surgery may be required to repair any tears in the tendon.


    • As with any exercise or activity, a good warm-up and stretching routine will help to prevent injuries. Being is condition for the activity will reduce the stress placed on weak joints. Wearing the proper footwear will also help to reduce injuries that can lead to tendinitis.


    • Many exercise techniques and many drugs are on the market to help with injuries. A sports-medicine doctor or an orthopedic doctor should be consulted if you have any concerns or the pain does not go away. With proper care and maintenance, ankle tendinitis will not keep you from your favorite sport or activity.

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