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Traveling With Your Chihuahua

Your Chi is probably your best friend, so you'll want to take him on all of your adventures, right? They will love spending time with you, even in new environments.
However there are some things to think of before you decide to gallivant around the world.
First, make sure your dog is comfortable in your car.
Car seats for dogs are readily available in pet stores or online.
Bring along some of their favourite bedding too, to reassure them they are going somewhere safe.
Make sure you have adequate water supplies, fresh food and treats on hand to keep him comfortable.
Also make sure you have regular stops, so your pet can get out for a little exercise and stretch of the legs, as well as an opportunity to do their business.
Keeping the pet in a harness or attached to a leash might come be useful in preventing the Chi from running out of open doors (they're probably just as excited by the trip as you are!).
You will probably want to take a carrier case or two (to prevent the Chi from getting stomped on in crowded areas).
This will make it easier to transport your pet around your destination - you might not have enough room to walk him on a leash.
As with any time you leave the house with your pet, take a pooper scooper along.
Nobody appreciates doggy do-do on their shoes! Remember to take along their favourite sweater, in case the weather is a bit colder than they are used to.
They will probably also appreciate a favourite toy to keep them entertained.
Also keep your vetinerary records on hand in case of emergencies.
Some things to consider before setting off on your journey might include specific vaccinations or medical treatments: Flea and tic treatments, for instance.
You may also want to ask you vet to insert a rice-sized microchip into the scruff of the dog's neck, in case they wander off in an unfamiliar environment and are unable to return to you.

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