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What Are Some Snakes That Form Nests?

    King Cobra Venom

    • The king cobra is just one of the hundreds of different types of cobras found throughout the world. The king cobra is not just the only snake that builds nests but is also the only snake that can spit its venom. King cobra bites can be very deadly. The snake can inject enough venom in a single bite to kill an elephant. Though their venom is poisonous, the snake itself is not and can be eaten by predators. Baby cobras have venom just like adults.

    King Cobra Physicality

    • The king cobra can reach 18 feet in length. This makes the snake the longest of all venomous snakes. When king cobras hatch, they are around 20 inches in length. The snakes lifespan is about 20 years in its natural habitat. King cobras have a hood that is created by an extension of the snake's ribs that go behind its heard.

    King Cobra Behavior

    • King cobras can raise about one-third of their length off of the ground and still move forward. They eat other snakes, small mammals, lizards and eggs. Though they are very aggressive under duress, king cobras tend to be relatively shy and try to avoid humans. When attacked, king cobras flare their hoods and make a distinctive hissing sound that can sound like a barking dog.

    King Cobra Habitats

    • King cobras can be found in plains and rain forests of India, Southeast Asia and southern China. They can linger in trees, on land and in water. The coloring of the king cobra varies by region. Cobras are revered in many Southeast Asian cultures. Considered by Hindus to be a manifestation of the god Shiva, images of the snake can be found outside many Hindu and Buddhist temples.

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