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How to Decode a Girl"s Body Language (And Know If They Like You With 100% Certainty)

All face-to-face communication occurs in two parts: the verbal dialogue and the physical dialogue.
A lot of people out there will assure you that you can get a girl and then will list a whole series of verbal tricks that you should use in order to get the girl; but how do you know how they're responding to your verbal jabs? The thing is that you don't; they're only telling you the first chapter of the story.
I am here to tell you the whole story.
So lean back, relax, and take in all the tips I am about to serve up because they are a sure way to interpret the most elusive of languages: female body language.
If you're sitting as you should be, facing her with your body open and inviting, and she's doing the same, it is a sure sign that she's opening herself up to you.
At that point, test to see how much of her subconscious is actually in control and how deeply embedded you are in her psyche.
Rub your nose and watch her movements.
If she does the same action, then it's a sure thing that she's into you.
"The Look".
Eye contact is a major part of any flirtatious encounter.
You are supposed to be looking into her eyes and making sure you drive your verbal points home.
When she starts to return your eye contact and holds your gaze for more than a few seconds at a time, you know that you've deeply affected her.
"The Lean".
When she's talking to you, does she lean into the conversation, breathy and excited? If she does, then you're definitely in.
Look for a subtle adjustment at first, then a gradual shifting of her posture as the conversation progresses, until she's facing you and you're both leaning towards each other.

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