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What You Need to Know About New Media Internet Marketing for Your Small Business

By Kai Rostcheck © 2010, All Rights Reserved

The web allows you to easily and affordably share information with your customers and prospects. Notice that we're not saying, "It's easy to sell on the web." New media is about conversation. The tools we teach you at Free Marketing Made Easy show you to engage and educate. Ironically, that method will generate more sales than the traditional "Buy My Stuff" approach. With that said, our buddy Dave Cutler sums up six points for you to consider about Internet Marketing:

  1. It's easy.

  2. You need to participate.

  3. Choose which technologies you want to use.

  4. Be found!

  5. Listen.

  6. Know what you are talking about.

Do you ask your customers where they hang out online? You should. Find out if they blog, spend time on Facebook, watch videos, Tweet, etc. Those are places where you can easily connect and re-connect with them. Even if you aren't ready to implement your own Internet Marketing platform, you should begin listening online to find out what people are saying, and how they are saying it. If you start reading industry blogs, for example, you'll get some ideas about how to differentiate your company.

But wait, what if you own a regular "brick and mortar" business like a dentist's office or a restaurant?

Why should you be concerned with online marketing? Denise Wakeman, founder of the blog squad and contributor to the "Free Marketing Made Easy" program puts it this way:

"Marketing online is not a luxury. If you can't be found online then you don't exist."

Come on... does it really matter that much? Yes, it does.

To see for yourself, do a Google search for your company, industry, location, etc. There are some critical points to understand here:

  1. Fewer and fewer people are using offline locators like the Yellow Pages.

  2. More and more people are using online search like Google and even YouTube.

  3. Even ranking first in Google results isn't good enough. Your goal should be getting listed multiple times in the top ten.

  4. You can't underestimate the importance of the right message. Getting traffic to your website is only a small success. Even more importantly, you need to convert those visitors into customers by saying the right thing and guiding them through a well-tested conversion process.

Fortunately, you don't need to worry about being perfect.

Using the Internet to market your business can be tremendously beneficial because it levels the playing field between you and your competitors. For just a few hundred dollars (or even for free, if you are fairly technically savvy) you can have a great looking website and blog plus pages on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. That's a great place to begin because these platforms are all Search Engine Optimized, affordable and easy to change.

But you do need to start.

Don't get overwhelmed by trying to do everything at the same time. Breathe. Take small steps... just walk to the end of the driveway and see how far you can go from there.

...then keep up with it.

As small business owners we are all exceptionally busy. You may be pleasantly surprised to discover that the set up is the hardest part; once you've built a solid marketing foundation keeping it up isn't all that time consuming, and it's actually kind of fun!

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