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Solar Heater Choices to Heat Your Pool Without Large Energy Bills

A heated swimming pool may not be a cheap idea but it is definitely a good idea.
More so if you are staying in some place where the climate is cold for the larger part of the year.
In places which are windy or rainy also, or where the climate often fluctuates, a heated swimming pool is a sound idea.
Once it is decided that a heated pool is a must for your house, the next job is selecting a suitable pool heating system.
Markets offer plenty of options for pool heating and your choice will have to depend on your house pattern, pool design, budget, and your comfort parameters.
There are solar heaters, heat pump heaters, and gas heaters for warming your pool.
A solar heater can heat the pool waters up to 80 degrees.
The heater works well on all the days that the sun is up and bright, but not on wintry or rainy days when the sun takes a rest.
Still, it is a perfect heating system so far as you are not insistent on swimming on a daily basis.
A heat pump heater, which can maintain the water temperature between 80o and 90o, will work well irrespective of weather conditions.
It is the right choice for swimmers who are athletes or professionals and so cannot manage without their daily quota of swimming.
It is also a good option for those whose house pattern does not allow them to fix the solar panels of a solar heater.
The gas heater, which is the third option, heats the water fast and does a perfect job.
It is also not dependent on weather conditions.
When you need the water warmed instantly for a party or a guest, a gas heater will be a great help.
Its downside is that it is a bit expensive.
For pools that are used only now and then, like a vacation house pool, gas heaters are the best.
It is quite big as well so that the water gets heated pretty fast, irrespective of what the outside temperature is.
Gas heaters can also maintain the temperature well.
Those who would prefer to have their swimming pool remain heated as continuously as possible can also invest on a solar cover for the pool.
A solar cover is designed to trap the sun's heat and pass it on to the water.
It will prevent the water from cooling fast, and will reduce the burden on the heater when the water is warmed.
If a warm swimming pool is a must for you, you will have to choose the heater based on your budget and other factors like whether the pool is for daily use or recreational use.
You can compare these different types of heaters and make the choice or decide to get a combination of several sources.

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