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How Prince William and Kate Middleton�s Wedding Will Be Like No Other

Prince William, the future heir to the British Monarchy, will exchange vows with commoner Kate Middleton in a grand fashion on the 20th of April next year. A sizeable chunk of the worlds' 6-odd billion people are anticipating this unprecedented event, as this will probably be the most important wedding of the planet, of the century.

So, what has happened thus far? Let's have a closer look at recent developments collected from various reports and articles that circulated all over the globe.

1. The Venue: Westminster Abbey

William and Kate could have preferred a different venue, but the fact they're accountable to the rest of the world cannot be denied.

From a recent poll, it was found out that favourite choice is the historical Westminster Abbey, the venue of choice of choice for important royal events since in the 11th century. So basically, the couple succumbed against almost a thousand years of tradition.

The Westminster Abbey, or more formally called the Collegiate Church of Saint Peter at Westminster, hosted most of the important events in British history. Weddings, burials, and awards ceremonies: all of these are usually held in this gigantic and exquisite artefact. However, the main ' and most popular ' purpose of this iconic institution is serving as the venue for royal coronations, something that William will undergo in the not-so-distant future.

2. Commoner Wedding Jitters

Most brides-to-be are anxious with their big day. The preparations, along with ceremony itself, is sometimes enough to cause a major nervous breakdown for the weak of heart. With the announcement of the young royal couple's engagement, the pressure has gone over the top.

A report from the Associated Press said that many British 2011 brides were scared of the possibility that their wedding date would fall on the same day as their sovereigns. With unprecedented interest from the public ' even exceeding that which was accorded for Charles and Diana in the 80's ' it is very likely that many family member would rather stay home and watch the regal ceremony than actually attend the wedding of a loved one.

Some British respondents said that the feeling is like having one's birthday fall on New Year's Day.

3. Unexpected (but Welcome) Economic Stimulus
Would you believe that this wedding could invigorate the ailing British economy in a major way?

Yes, it actually can.

The Royal wedding, as was stated earlier, is something that has caught the fancy of not only of the British and Irish but also the rest of Europe and the world. Because of this, tourism in the UK is expected to climb onto record levels, thereby injecting foreign cash into the debt-ridden economy.

Furthermore, the general positivistic mood shown by the public is something that can stimulate economic growth. Optimism among the people boost consumer spending, as people become less cautious of future problems as they savour the joys of the present day.


A lot of critics say that this overwhelming reaction from both the local and international community is quite exaggerated. They say that a wedding of two human beings cannot be more important than the wedding of another pair.

However, in a time when the world is sick and tired of bad news coming through the airwaves at a mind-boggling rate, this kind of news is a much-needed and well-deserved form of positive relief.

Sleeping Beauty, Cinderella and Snow White: these are the archetypal prince-princess stories that we all grew to love and fantasize about. We have often stretched our imagination just to grasp the idea, the grandeur of how a prince and princess discover true love.

Just look at the box office performance of those Disney animated films.

Now, with the wedding of Prince William and the Princess-presumptive Kate Middleton, we can witness all these fantasies come true, for real.

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