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The Wooden Sash Window in Modern Building Design

Modern building design requires an adherence to certain standards of practice. There must be noise insulation, protecting both the inside and the outside from noise made on the outside and the inside. Modern environmental regulations also prohibit the use of windows and doors that fall below a given standard of energy efficiency - both in terms of preserving interior heat, and of rebuffing external cold. The wooden sash window designed and fitted by Marvin Architectural (an Irish window and door company) is a case in point.

Marvin's sash window, when glazed with standard double glazing, will achieve a sound reduction of 28db in both directions. That means that any noise coming into the home is deadened by 28 decibels and any noise created in the home will leave the window surface at 28 decibels less than it was when it was made. If the sash is glazed with specialty glazing options the noise reduction capabilities it shows can be ramped up to 40 decibels.

The wooden sash window supplied by Marvin Architectural has been approved by planning authorities for use in conservation appropriate areas. A building listed up to Grade 2 may be fitted with wooden windows of this type.

The wood present in the sash windows is optional. Home owners, architects and builders have three choices: they can choose from Ponderosa Pine, a Douglas Fir or Mahogany. Clearly prices vary according to the wood that a home owner, an architect or a builder chooses.

Similarly, the wooden sash window supplied by Marvin Architectural achieves different price ratings according to the kind of glass selected for its glazing. Light and temperature conducting ratings will change with different types of glass, too. If you are building in an area that gets a lower or higher than usual average of light per day, you will need to bear this is mind when selecting the glazing that is present in your sash window.

Frame options for the sash window vary. You can choose an economy frame option, which is made entirely of slender jamb wood. However, in some cases, you might be required to look out for a different option depending upon the design of the window.

In these cases, you will be able to select the wide jamb internal frame for the Marvin sliding sash: or, in larger areas, the "Magnum" class bespoke wooden sash. Make sure that you choose, or recommend, the standard of frame that suits your intended use: both in terms of structural strength and aesthetic appeal.

The wooden sash window is now equipped with an excellent level of mechanical operating gear. The gear present in the variation of wooden sash you choose may have an effect on the overall health and safety rating of the installation. Choosing highly secure, multi lock mechanisms for upstairs sashes, for example, is recommended. In this way you run no risk of presenting an easily opened exit to a toddler or child.

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