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Choosing a Subject

How do you choose a subject when you want to write an article? It can seem very difficult - but ONLY if you think about it too much! Many people simply feel that they have no worthy views or experiences to share and this is where the block sets in.
"What if nobody likes the subject I am writing about"? "What if nobody like the way I write about a subject"? "What if nobody likes ME"? These are all barriers that shouldn't even be there in the first place.
People can either read your articles or not.
It is up to them to decide - just like when you read a newspaper, you choose what to read and if you don't like a particular piece, you move on to the next.
Subjects are all around you.
Staring you in the face.
What are your interests? What are you doing - what activities do you partake in? Hobbies? Pastimes? Social activities? What friends have you got and what are their interests - you can gain a lot by listening to the views of others.
Why not "interview" a friend to get inspiration for a subject to write about? You day is filled with activities - we all have to eat, sleep and do chores.
Write about them! What is your favorite food and why? Do you cook, do you detest ironing, do you have kids? The only block to writing is your own inertia.
You can overcome this simply by getting started and writing about something you find of interest or concern.
Basically, write about YOU and you will soon be motoring.

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