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Cheap Family Holidays

Does the thought of planning a family getaway on a lean budget fill you with angst? All that planning, travelling and inevitable overspending, not to mention squabbling.
Or maybe you're concerned with debt already but have an incurably itchy foot and really feel like you and your family need a complete change of scenery for a while? Well don't give up just yet and opt for a staycation.
Although this can be a great holiday choice if you use your time imaginatively.
Keeping the kids entertained in your own neck of the woods is not always the cheapest option, especially when you factor in the cost of daytrips, organised activity clubs, treats etc.
There are fun, holiday possibilities out there if you do a little research.
We often opt for last minute holidays as we're never organised enough to book too long in advance and have had some fabulous budget holidays all year round in the UK and further afield.
We've also learnt a lot from holiday blunders when travelling with tots, and while we're still adventurous we are pretty realistic about holidays that will work for our family.
Last summer we enjoyed a fantastic month touring Quebec in Canada and while we budgeted well without scrimping on fun we discovered when we got home to Scotland that we'd accrued £80 in bank charges simply for debit card transactions! That hurt! but we're wiser now, so when we went on our first houseswap to France at Easter, we put all our spending money on a prepaid card and brought a wee stash of cash with us which helped the finances flow a little better! All to say, there are so many choices out there from basic tent camping, or even bod or bothy camping in remote but beautiful locations in the UK for very intrepid family campers to glamping for the chic in scenic locations in the UK, Europe and North America.
You can still enjoy package holidays in spectacular destinations abroad and avoid the Eurozone.
Try a cruise on the Nile at a surprisingly affordable price, and consider other stunning destinations that might not have struck you before.
Or travel within the Eurozone and snap up the bargains.
The good news is that there are simple practical steps you can take to ensure a fun holiday without unnecessary expenses.

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