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Open House Safety Tips

The world we live in can be a dangerous place and because of the nature of their business, a real estate agent can be more susceptible to this danger than others.
Certain activities can leave an agent more prone to violence and one of these is holding an open house for prospective buyers.
In order to keep themselves safe, agents must be aware of the dangers and take precautions to protect themselves by following some common sense advice.
It is a well-known fact that most criminals are opportunistic, taking advantage of a situation they happen upon; so, the easiest way to protect oneself from the threat they represent is by removing the opportunities they look for.
The first thing you will want to do is program the speed dial feature on your cell phone to dial a trusted friend or the police.
If something should happen or you find yourself in a situation you are uncomfortable with then pressing a single number to call for help might be the thing that saves you.
Another thing you will want to do is to let your family and your co-workers know exactly where you will be, when you will arrive, and when you expect to be done.
Coordinate a time range with them when you will call to check in.
These are also the same people, along with the police, you will want to program into the speed dial feature of your phone.
Part of your preparation of the house should include introducing yourself to every one of the surrounding neighbors.
Introduce yourself as the agent holding the house open and invite them over to take a look.
Introducing yourself around will let you know who is home and who you can run to for help, should the need arise.
Remember to unlock the deadbolts on all the doors.
If you have to make a run for one of the doors, you do not want to be held up trying to unlock it.
While you are in the house, position yourself so that you are always able to run if you have to.
When you are showing visitors around, make sure you never let them position themselves between you and the exit.
Another thing you may want to do is work with a partner.
This can be a good business decision as well as a smart move when it comes to your personal safety.
Working with another agent allows you to entertain more than one group of visitors at a time.
As already mentioned, most criminals look for easy opportunities and when you are with another person, the difficulty is multiplied for them so they are likely to leave you alone.
It is very important to keep one thing in mind.
If you find yourself in a situation that appears okay on the surface but has your internal alarms screaming, listen to that intuition and get out.
You may not sense the danger that some people represent, but it is rare indeed to sense that danger strongly and it not turn out to be right.
Pay attention to the warning signs and get out.
Finally, use your common sense and be aware of everything around you.
Do not make the mistake thinking nothing can happen to you in a so-called "good" neighborhood.
Crime can happen anywhere so take every precaution you can to keep yourself safe.
The people who love you are counting on you to do so.

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