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Why Success Means Never Ever Giving Up

How many times did we hear people giving up when problems start? How about the guy who did not finish his college because his family had run out of money to support his studies? What about this American of Asian descent who, despite his immense potential, immediately left a company because he was discriminated for his roots? Giving up is the easiest solution for many people. It's the easiest way out.

But giving up amid trials and crises do not make you a better person. Instead giving up hinders you to face your worst fears and life's biggest problems. For those who give up easily, success is hard to come by. Achieving your goals in life becomes more difficult, if not downright impossible.

To give up means sacrificing your personal success. By giving up, you lose nothing. But in the end, you lose everything.

Of course, everybody knows the Father of the Theory of Relativity: the great Albert Einstein. He was one of the greatest scientists in the history of mankind. His theories and discoveries have been praised and widely accepted by the scientific community. But do you know that when he was only 16 years old, he failed a university exam allowing him to study electrical engineering in Zurich, Switzerland? Had he given up then, he would not have become one of the most illuminating and brightest men of all time.

Or how about Michael Jordan, the basketball legend? One of our basketball icons of all time, Jordan is among the most successful athletes the sports history. But do you know that he suffered an early disappointment when the young Jordan did not initially make his high school basketball team when he tried out as a sophomore? What could have happened if Jordan easily gave up his basketball dreams? Instead of giving up, he practiced and exerted his efforts more. The next year, he was admitted in the team, and that was the start of his great basketball career.

Failure on something does not mean the road leads to nowhere. That you should turn around and go back. To achieve success, you must not give up. Instead, persevere, and in the end, your efforts will be rewarded.

Here are some tips that you could bear in mind when a problem arises.

1. Seize the opportunity.

When opportunities come and you see that it would pave your way to success, grab them! Take the chance at opportunities before chances get lost.

2. Use criticisms as challenge.

If somebody tells you, "You can't do it!" or that "There is no way you could accomplish that," do not take it as a failure. Take criticisms, constructive or otherwise, as a challenge for you to overcome obstacles in your life. Don't let anyone intimidate you. In that way, you will be motivated to face your problems. Instead of giving up, why don't you show the person that you could actually do it?

3. Strive harder. Push harder.

If you think a problem cannot be solved quickly, you should ask yourself: Why not? Don't let problems overtake you: You overtake them. Think of the reasons why a problem cannot be solved as easily as you wanted to. And address them by exerting more efforts in solving it.

4. Improve yourself more.

Can't swim? Why not take up swimming classes? Having a hard time answering problems in geometry? Why not ask somebody to help you or look for more resources in the Internet?

Don't let problems stop you in the outset. Remember: Do not give up! If there are ways to solve the problem, why not use them? At the end, you'll learn more, you become more experienced. You become a better person.

5. Set Deadlines.

And that means setting tough deadlines. Try to put a timeline on everything you do to avoid procrastination. Set actual deadlines and check how proficient you can be. Whether it's finishing an article or studying for a big university exam, deadlines will help you move and exert effort in actually finishing your tasks.

6. Challenge yourself.

Try to see whether you can improve your proficiency on a task. For example, this week, you were able to master your lessons in chemistry. How about mastering your lessons in chemistry and music the next week comes? Improving oneself is a sure way to achieve success.

7. Focus.

When you want to achieve something, you must focus. Do not let something or anybody persuade you form not doing what you have targeted to do.

In the end, it all boils down to one thing: Do not ever give up. You will only achieve success if and only if you realize that failures should not make you easily give up.

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