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A New Year Wish to Become More Fit - 3 Steps You Must Take

If you are like most adults you tend to make the same New Year Resolutions year after year.
"I will lose weight and become more fit.
" And every year, even though your intentions are good, you just can't seem to keep it and it turns into more of a New Year Wish than a resolution.
I am going to tell you what 3 steps you need to take to keep your resolution.
Although there is nothing wrong with making a wish, you can't just wave a magic wand, wish to be thinner and fit, and it will happen.
You need to do something and work at it to make it come true.
The biggest step you need to take is: Step 1 - Commitment Sticking to a fitness program takes a lot of commitment.
You need to commit to the daily or weekly time requirement of a half hour or hour workout sessions.
Commit to taking the time to plan your weekly meals of healthier foods.
Doing it for the first week or two after the New Year just won't cut it.
This is a life changing commitment.
Making time during your day will get you the results you desire.
When you work these things into your schedule it will become second nature and not so much a change.
Step 2 - Fitness program Finding a fitness program you are comfortable with.
A program that fits your desired results, whether it be just toning up your body or bulking up your muscle.
You need to be comfortable with it to keep doing it.
If it becomes a chore to workout, you won't keep up with it.
Interval fitness training is great for getting better results in less time per session than a slow cardio workout.
Step 3 - Learn how to eat I hate the word diet.
Diet to me means failure.
You do it for a short period of time then you go back to your old eating habits after that.
It doesn't work.
When you learn how to eat every day it becomes automatic.
Eating more times each day and learning the nutritional guidelines in choosing the right foods increases your chance for success.

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