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Getting Your Ex Boyfriend Back - Make Your Man Want You Again

Is getting your ex boyfriend still on your mind? If yes, the best piece of advice, you should take to heart and review on a daily basis, is to remember that a man is attracted to a woman who acts like the man she hates to date. It seems confusing, but dating generally is confusing, at least for most of us. If you are thinking about getting your ex boyfriend back, you should start implementing this approach immediately.

Think of all the things you hate about dating and the behavior you wish you could change in a man while in a relationship, and realize that behavior is exactly what your man is attracted to. A woman who can play the game, who is hard to get, who is mysterious, who can surprise him constantly as he works to get to know her, but most importantly a man wants a woman he feels he has to work for.

Make your man want you again by not giving up the chase or throwing yourself at him. If you wish to get your ex boyfriend back, that's exactly what you should not do. Don't make yourself too available. Show him that you are absolutely fine without him.

Another way to make yourself desirable again in his eyes again, to make him drool over you is to hold your tongue, even bite it if you have to, but don't spill your guts like a love-crazed child. It is better to draw them in to you and when you do speak, be extremely engaging. The operative word is quality not quantity. But the rejected lovers usually can't keep their mouth shot. They always try to argue their case. It is equally true for both genders... despite that this approach never works.

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