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Add the Warmth and Inviting Rustic Look of French Country Decor

Decorating a home in French country decor is as popular today as it was hundreds of years ago in rural France.
Today more and more people are redecorating or redesigning their homes to include some aspect of country French design.
Although it may not be as easy as picking up a home decor catalog, you may be able to accomplish great country French living by careful planning, including your colors, textures, furniture and accessories.
Don't have the budget for a household full of antique furniture? Don't worry, you can create the rustic, time-aged look with shabby chic furniture for much less.
When it comes to the basic components of a French country home, keep in mind what creates the warmth and inviting feeling.
Many French homes are colored in deep, rich colors and decorated with furniture that is as ornate as a work of art.
Combine this with the accents of wonderful French urns, lamps and other accessories to help complete the look and feel of rustic home decor.
Books can be written on French textures alone.
From wonderful quilts to elegant lace, country French furniture fills country homes of rural France and are filled with many assorted textures that make a house a home.
Just as many contemporary homes are, the French home's focus is the French country kitchen.
When looking for kitchen decorating ideas, don't forget kitchen wall decor.
There are a wide variety of French ceramics to adorn your walls in your new French interior design.
Another area that is generally skipped is the space above your kitchen cupboards.
Try adding some traditional French kitchen ware and other ceramic or terracotta jars or urns.
And a French country kitchen would not be complete without some assortment of copper pots and utensils.
Just as your furniture and accessories helps create your French country home, the colors used are deep, rich colors that are warm and welcoming.
More than just basic Earth tones, the French country home has deeper reds, greens and blues that help create the rustic, inviting atmosphere.
Lighting plays an equally important part of French decorating, including the use of chandeliers and traditional French sconce lighting.
Using colors, textures, lighting, furniture and some choice accenting accessories, you can give yourself the warm rustic look and feel of French country decor.

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