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Have you ever noticed that when you finally listen to your intuition and commit to something that may not actually be so convenient or easy to do, you somehow unleash creative and synchronistic energies that move you forward in your mission in life? The sheer trust that we place in this unseen support from the universe takes courage, but it brings so much meaning and connection to our lives.
Unforeseen events happen which when you look back, make perfect sense in the scheme of things, but you are not sure how at the time.
I remember such an experience not so long ago, when I felt I was at an unknown and frankly unwelcome crossroads in my life.
Wanderlust invariably precedes many journeys, and this was no exception.
Once in a while the destination you have chosen to explore, beckons you in a daydream or a captivating thought.
I had an unusual bout of restlessness that needed attention.
The months preceding this trip were flat and uneventful and I was just plodding on, struggling to complete my debut book Corporate Head, Spiritual Heart.
The flow of creativity was blocked by a razor sharp inner critique that stifled any progress with the taunt, 'it's not good enough' which grew louder and louder until I couldn't even put pen to paper.
Strangely as I sat waiting for my very late client, I experienced a very powerful connection, a sort of inner knowing, that the answer to my difficulty lay in the photo of the hush remoteness of the backwaters of Kerala which grabbed my attention as I flicked through a yoga magazine.
A gentle tug at my soul, which defied any logical explanation.
Yet I did not question it.
On the face of it, I could not have chosen a worst time to travel as my coaching schedule was so hectic and I had meetings lined up with important movers and shakers in my industry which had taken so much energy to arrange.
It all seemed a bit crazy, this whim of mine and ordinarily I would never have dreamed of cancelling so many work opportunities.
Yet I was sure that it was the right thing to do and I hoped that a change of scene would give me a respite from this feeling of despondency.
I was not disappointed.
The large thatched boat was my sheltering shepherd on the soothing backwaters.
The talented resident cook on board thoroughly spoiled me with delicious South Indian meals, waiting for me to devour after my leisurely visits to the compact villages on the banks.
One encounters the deepest part of the night here - bright stars abound to the unadulterated splendour of a moonless darkness.
A feeling of being naked is not uncommon.
The contrast during the day was beautiful.
The river and sky were all one colour - the shade of moonstone.
All around the palm trees surrounded the paddyfields.
Over everything hung a vast silence and in this space my mood was deeply reflective and quite unexpectedly joyous.
As my spirit soared, those stiff, creaky floodgates opened and refreshing ideas just flowed out from my grateful soul as I wrote chapter after chapter all night with the aid of several white wicker candles.
I marvelled at the quality and depth of thoughts and insights I received about the far removed subject of corporate masks and executive stress in this sacred realm.
It is as if everything comes alive when you tap into this heightened consciousness - for creativity and spirituality are synonymous.
Whatever its form, spiritual awareness stuns the curious mind with its brilliance, its kinship with the supernatural.
It was a truly profound experience.
Perhaps there was some truth in the common reference to India as a 'land of magic'.
It is as if there is an actual energy zone that is conducive to mystical experiences.
Hard to describe, but I got a strong sense in me of several worlds in precarious co-existence: the partition between the seen and the unseen worlds could very well be paper thin.
What made it even more remarkable, was how this natural connection we all have with the healing forces of nature or even the divine, had unlocked the barrier gate that had slammed shut inside me.
It had lovingly melted that inner critique which was blocking my path and holding me back in my work.
As the boat drifted along in a slow, steady pace, I was gently letting go layer by layer all of those niggling doubts and draining fears and came to a place of peace within myself.
A comforting trust in the universal plans for me began to take direction and I knew I was given what I needed the most at this time - equanimity.
A wonderful internal transformation had taken place in a very short space of time.
I left with a feeling of deep respect for life on earth, a love of God and a renewed sense of purpose holding a completed manuscript in my hand.
Something had stirred in my blood, awakening my senses to the inspiration around me.
This is what I so desperately wanted to take back with me and I wondered how I could possibly adjust now to the ordinariness of my life, after such a rich sensory and spiritual discovery.
Actually, it would be a grave mistake to believe that we need to travel for miles to exotic lands to track down and seek out inspiration.
There are gifts and clues all around us - we just need to open our eyes and senses to opportunities for creative inspiration.
It is helpful to be aware of where we get our sources of inspiration.
I have a child like curiosity about things or people who are completely different from me or my world.
Meeting people with an unusual ancestry, meditating by a river, exploring Egyptian historic artifacts in the British Museum and trying on ornate and exquisite antique jewellery, are some of the things that refresh and stimulate my mind.
As does playing football with my three year old nephew and enjoying a white tea ceremony with my Japanese friends.
I see it as an investment of my time because my spirit is worth nurturing.
It is a form of celebration, gratitude and receiving from the universe, otherwise we can feel burnt out, jaded or even cynical about life.
It is vital to our well being to seek out new ways of staying fresh and to be a possibility thinker so that we can manifest rich and fulfilling life experiences.
Have you noticed that when you are inspired and deeply touched by something, your spirit grows bigger than the obstacle or problem? As we follow our inspiration, which in many ways is a call to growth and learning, we get transformed by it.
Often our inspiration comes in a size too big for us and resistance and excuses crop up like uncontrollable weeds in our fertile minds and we end up rationalizing away our best ideas.
One's capacity for scepticism is endless, and I have learned to risk moving in the suggested direction; I have found that when I take a risk, providence moves in with incredible speed, and there also seems to be a noticeable guidance which people might call the "still, inner voice".
I then find that my hunches, urges, intuitions become far more acute and uncanny coincidences start showing up.
Like I just 'happen' to bump into my long lost student friend at a party, who became my fabulous editor.
After rejecting several book cover designs by 'experts' in the field, my 16 year old niece 'happens' to need a favour and mentions a name of a fellow student who is a whiz kid at graphic design and who ends up producing the most surreal and eye-catching, book cover design for me.
I have always been blessed with the support of creative friends around me who will endorse that this synchronicity is really happening; otherwise it is amazing how selective amnesia in our busyness can bury the real creative gems.
In a way, I regard these 'coincidences' as forms of subtle, yet powerful interventions of the divine hand helping us find our purpose in life.
A loving nudge in the right direction.
I also remind myself of how good I felt when I have followed through with my ideas in the past and how things just fell into place when I took that first step.
Just like when I booked my flight to India.
It was easier to enjoy the journey as I was not caught up in focusing on a successful outcome.
I never really expected to be writing anything on that trip; anything but going through the torture of writers block.
Funny how switching off, actually switches on our creativity.
The 'lets just see what happens' mind frees you up to discover new ideas.
We are all inherently connected to divine creativity.
I don't really feel that we are separated from the divine.
To be human after all is to be a natural creator.
We are all blessed with this gift to co-create with our maker.
The most valuable question we can be asking ourselves regularly is 'How will I inspire myself next?.
The answers will open up unexplored vistas for you to enjoy.
Your fertile imagination will lead you to so many possibilities that could powerfully transform you as well as this amazing planet we live in.
Of course, there are those visionary, caring individuals in this world that are called to harness this creative force for the greater good for all.
To make a real difference that will last for generations to come.
Could that person be you? Kahlil Gibran, the Prophet, guides us beautifully when he wrote," Work is love made visible.
" If you have not already done so, it is time for you to get in touch with your purpose and your inherent creativity and make your work, your love made visible.

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