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Can You Get a Guy and Keep Him?

Do you know what it takes for you to get a guy and keep him with you? Are you still waiting to make a move on that guy that you have been eyeing for months? Do you want to let him know just what you are feeling without coming on too strong and scaring him off? Some girls just sit around clueless, thinking that love will magically fall into their laps when they aren't looking.
Love can come out of the blue sometimes, but other times you have to work for what you want.
Keep reading to learn how you can get a guy and keep him interested.
First, you need to be able to be the guy's friend if you are going to get him to want to stick around.
Sure, you could start off being super sexy around him, but if you do, don't be shocked to find out that he has put you in the 'casual fling' category in his mind.
You will have a much better chance if you form a friendship with him.
This allows you to spend time with him and get to know him without the stress of romance and without being seen as nothing but a 'friend with benefits'.
Next, find time to talk to him.
This is the only way that you will be able to get to know each other.
Ask him questions about his life and his interests.
If you hit on a subject that he acts resistant to, just drop it.
You want him to open up and share with you, not feel as if he is under interrogation.
Finally, you can get a guy to like you just by being yourself.
What is the point of trying to draw him in being something that you are not? Eventually, intimacy will bring out all of your secrets and reveal the real you, so you need to be upfront about who you are from the very start.
If the guy that you like doesn't like you for the real you, then he just isn't right for you.

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